An open letter to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, George and Amal…

pexels-photo-243337Queen Bey, George, in view of your approaching arrivals I wanted to share with you some learnings I have gleaned from my experience so far of the world of multiples…

People will ask you stupid/very personal questions

I’m not sure why people think it’s ok to ask such personal questions when you have twins as I’m pretty sure I didn’t get questions of quite the same level of intimacy with my singleton, but people (and by people I mean complete strangers in the street) have asked me everything from ‘did you have IVF then?’ to ‘did you have them naturally? Yes? Ah wow, so did they come out one after the other then?’ (No, I popped them both out simultaneously- twin mums have super powers! Didn’t you know?) What is wrong with people?!

Sharing the night feeds 

George and Jay-Z, get those shades paparazzi ready as you ARE going to have to share the night feeds. Yes twins means twice the fun and twice the love but they also mean twice the waking up! My husband and I do a 9pm-2am (me) and 2pm-7pm (him) shift which works really well for us as we each get a solid 5 hours even if the rest of the night is a sleep deprived blur (which twin are you? Whose nappy did I just change again?)…We also have an unwritten rule that anything said between 11pm and 5am doesn’t count…George, Jay-Z, be cool, K? and share the load!

Your twins will become mini celebrities in themselves…

Queen Bey you think YOU are popular, wait til you have twins! People will literally stop you in the street to  paw over your little beauties, checking ‘are they twins?’ (What? There was only one last time I checked!) or to tell you ‘you have your hands full love’ (thanks, I hadn’t noticed)

Other twin mamas are your rocks!

Burst Mountain Buggy tyre? Well meaning midwives/pharmacy assistants/Tracy from next door suggesting you ‘JUST tandem feed’? (Erm…have you ever tried tandem feeding twins with a toddler tugging at your sleeve asking you to play dinosaurs? No? Then pipe down)

We feel your pain.

Queen Bey, George – join your local twin club. In fact we would love to have you here at Hackney twin club so just join us! We discuss everything from embarrassing birth stories (in my case meeting about 20 doctors/consultants/midwives etc for the first time peering down at me while my legs were up in stirrups- er hi!) to tandem feeding, all with a large dose of frothy coffee and cake…George I would be happy to share my night feeding tips with you so don’t hesitate, yeah?

They WILL double team you

Or triple team you in my case if you have a singleton too (Bey you will be firmly in my camp with little Blue Ivy). You will have several moments when they are both crying and you don’t know which one to pick up first. My advice- don’t panic, stay calm- just grab the one who is becoming the most purple and you can deal with the other one afterwards!

Hope this helps…and hope to see you at twin club soon Queen Bey/George to chat birthing stories/night feeds- the door is always open! Twin mamas/papas- any other tips you would add for our celeb friends?

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