London’s most instagrammable café… Palm Vaults in Hackney


In this blog, as well as writing about parenting tips and conundrums I also promised to write reviews of places… as hard working parents also need some treats! Happy parents, happy kids, right?

The other week I had the pleasure to visit the beautiful Palm Vaults in Hackney, ‘London’s most instagrammable café’ with my hubbie and the babies. If you haven’t been there yet- go! Everything from the decor to the menu is a lush oasis of plants and from the moment you step in you are truly transported to another place. I still haven’t decided if that place is the set of a Wes Anderson movie or 1970’s Miami, but wherever it is I like it! Comfortable vintage seating, beautiful coffee table books, marble top tables, pink, mint green and gold decor finished with an abundance of plants…Palm Vaults is an inspiring and uplifting environment in which to spend an afternoon working or catching up with friends. 

The menu changes depending on the season and hosts a whole range of delicious treats, from red velvet latte, to ‘Pumpkin and Honey Bunny’ toasties, from ‘Oops Oh My’ smoothies to ‘Green Goddess’ juices. The combination of plant-based ingredients is surprising but amazingly tasty and all items on the menu are beautifully served, with decorative flowers, beautiful swirls in lattes and smoothies and colourful icing on cakes. Soya, coconut, oat, almond and cashew alternatives are available for dairy-free divas like my sis!

I wouldn’t recommend going there with a buggy as we did as space is limited and, let’s face it, it’s a bit too ‘cool’ for kids, but ask your partner to look after the children while you go and while away a few hours with a friend there or get a babysitter in. It will be worth it I promise!

Palm Vaults is located at 411 Mare Street, London, E8 1HY

Opening hours are 9am- 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday and 10am- 5.30pm Sunday. 

Where do you guys go for a treat when you are chilling out in London? Can you recommend any new places?


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