A selection of tips for new twin parents, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth 

IMG_1820[1]They say that hindsight is a wonderful thing. The great thing about getting tips from other twin parents is that they have been there, done that. So I have asked various lovely twin parent friends for their top tips for new twin parents to save you guys doing the research… However, (caveat coming up!) when it comes from getting advice from others with regards to all things parenting (and in life generally funnily enough), I would say take what you find useful and leave the rest. Ironically enough, my own top tip for having twins or singletons would be to try to shut off to a lot of the noise around you regarding parenting. Everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your children and I found that I am happiest when I shut off to the pressures from print and social media, peers, so-called parenting ‘bibles’ and find my own way. In fact the best thing I did first time round with Gabriel was to throw my parenting books away! My other piece of advice would be to get out of the house everyday without fail. Parenting can be a fabulous but lonely job at times and getting out of the house gives you and the kids fresh air, a change of scenery and some interaction with others (other adults for you and other kids for your little ones).

So now check out the top tips from other twin parents-

Zainab- Try and sync the feeding and bed routines 😊

Liana- Ask for help, Accept help, Get help. You will need it. Whether it’s family, friends, council, NHS, private, work experience students, online mums groups or something else. It will all be worth it.

Yvonne- It’s a marathon not a sprint. If someone offers to help let them help you…and not by holding a baby- that’s not helping!

Queenie- I wish I’d known about Tandem Baby Wearing when I first had mine. Weego would have been amazing! I only knew of TwinGo but I could only use that once they got good neck control. It would have saved me lots of stress when I was left alone.

Magda- In the first months after your twins are born, don’t hang out with mums of singletons too much. I did and it made me feel even more overwhelmed than I already was.

Cathy- 1. Join a twin club. If there’s not one then start your own. It is essential. 2. Ignore the advice of anyone who is not eligible to join a twin club.

Joanna- 1. Don’t be afraid of bottles. (I wasted a lot of time in the hospital ‘cup feeding’ my tiny twin with the hope she could then exclusively breastfeed later on). Just figure out the best way for your babies to get fed, and do it. 2. Leave the house every day. It may seem daunting but once you do it you’ll feel so much better. And the comments you get with the twins make it worth it.

Philippa- Don’t feel pressurised to breastfeed. You have TWO babies and if you can’t do it or it’s not for you, that’s absolutely ok!!!!

Faye- Remember that nothing lasts forever, sleepless nights will eventually be a thing of the past. I sometimes miss the 3am snuggles and feeding. When your other half is driving you nuts because you are tired and he just isn’t getting it, tell him but always remember to be kind. Join a twins group. Other twin parents are the bees knees, only they can understand. When your friends with two children a year apart tell you it’s the same as having twins, smile and walk away. They don’t know that they just can’t know! And mostly get help!

Good luck twin parents to be! X

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