How to…make a personalised framed picture in less than half an hour

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In my years BC (before children) I prided myself on being quite crafty, spending hours in the spare bedroom sat at my little Singer sewing table making cushions, decorations for the home, gifts, bags and other random accessories. Of course I had the romantic notion that this pastime would continue once I had children, the kids playing quietly at my feet while I sat drinking coffee and drumming up handmade fancy dress costumes, new clothes and decorations for their rooms. Whilst I am not saying this will never happen, my current reality could not be further from this whimsical (and dare I say naive) image. My precious Singer sewing table was sold on eBay to make space for the twins and the blanket I started knitting when I fell pregnant second time round still consists of just one stripe – I kind of gave up once I realised I was having twins and would therefore have to make TWO blankets…

I did however manage one or two simple projects for Gabriel (a case of precious first child – sorry twinnies!) before he was born and I would like to share one of these here with you today. 

My personalised framed picture

This can be adapted to include different maxims, the child’s name, date of birth, images linking back to a child’s name (e.g. A rose for a Rose)… the possibilities are endless! Obviously this idea is not exclusively for babies either, you can make them for friends, parents, basically anyone who is special to you. I also made a lovely engagement version for my friends Emily and Mamadu a few years ago with a romantic quote.


A deep box frame-

Crafting paper- Tiger ( often have a good selection. If not try hobbycraft (

A glue gun (you can get these cheaply online)

Pritt stick

Plastic alphabet letter beads

Stencils (mine were Cath Kidston ones from the book ‘Sew!’)


How to

Cut out patterned paper the same size as your ‘ backing’ area. Stick on with pritt stick.

Use stencils to draw out shapes onto some contrasting colourful paper. Make sure the colours/patterns you choose stand out against your backing paper. I used birds from my Cath Kidston book but you could do anything- penguins, rabbits…. I think it’s nice to add features e.g. wings/beaks on birds in contrasting paper to the body to make them stand out.  In my version I put a mama and a papa bird and then a baby bird. You could also glue on little beads for eyes with a glue gun. 

Get all the plastic letters out ready to ensure you have all letters for the quote/name/date you want to write out. Stick on using glue gun.

Wait for it all to dry and place it in your frame and voila!

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