10 comments and questions you will almost definitely get from strangers when out and about with twins


You have got your hands full (no shit Sherlock!) 

Was it planned? (Cue very confused expression from the twin mama/papa. Not sure how you plan twins but if anyone finds out let me know.) 

Oh shit/poor you! (Got this one a lot when I first started telling people I was pregnant with twins. I didn’t really care as despite the initial few days of shock my husband and I were really happy and very positive about it all. But I can imagine this would be a bit insensitive to mums who are feeling scared and worried about the prospect.)

Did you get two for the price of one? (Usually from slightly elder people. They think it’s really funny so just humour them and laugh along) 

Did you have IVF? (If you are the asker please save this one only for people you know really well, or at least say hello first! My friends who HAVE had IVF are very open and happy to talk about it amongst friends but nobody should be put into the position where a complete stranger comes straight out and asks them such a personal question!) 

Did they come out at the same time or one after the other? (Ok so maybe this was just a question I got asked but it was so hilarious that I had to include it. The (very sweet) female owner of a local cafe genuinely asked me this question. One of those questions you should just keep to yourself and go home and google it, right? For anyone else still wondering – they do come out one after another- mine were only 5 minutes apart!

Did you have a C Section? (Standard- every twin mama will be asked this) 

Did you know you were having twins? (I have had this a few times believe it or not. Imagine the sheer shock of expecting just one baby to come out and realising there are two! Now I know from watching Call the Midwife (reliable source) that this actually used to happen years ago…but luckily we have scans now. So no surprise second babies.) 

I had a friend/sister/brother/uncle etc etc who was a twin/I am a twin (Again standard, all twin mamas and papas will get this. Makes me realise actually how many twins are about!) 

What happens when they both cry at once? (Nearly always get this one when I am out and about and they ARE both crying at once. And my toddler is about to ride his bike into the pond. Not super helpful to also have to add answering strangers’ questions into the equation. If you are this person try offering the twin mama/papa help and save the questions for afterwards. As well a multitude of useless questions I have a lot of help from kind strangers when I’m out and about. People who watch my toddler play with theirs while I have my hands full feeding the twins. People who watch the twins while I run to the toilet with my toddler who needs a wee. People who take a baby and feed them for me while I am feeding the other. I also get a lot of compliments and positivity, ‘You are doing really well, I struggle with just one’, ‘You are so lucky – it must be hard now but what a blessing’ and ‘You look so well- you don’t look like you have three under three!’ And I happily take these as on a really tough day it really helps to boost morale! So twin parents, despite the weird and wonderful comments we get from some, here’s to the kindness of strangers! 

Anyone had any other funny/rude/downright intrusive questions/comments from strangers to add to this list? 

3 thoughts on “10 comments and questions you will almost definitely get from strangers when out and about with twins

  1. Can relate to it all especially the IVF one? So unbelievable! We hated the double trouble comment but replied with twice the love, needless to say that ended the conversation.
    We have boy/ girl twins and get asked all the time are they identical?
    But the best comment was the other day ‘oh you have fake twins then as boy and girl are just two pregnancies at the same time’ I’m still processing that one.

    Twins rule,
    Ash xx


  2. Used to ask my best friend if her twin girls are identical. She’d reply “no” and I’d reply with “are you sure?” And i was confused as to why she sounded annoyed!


  3. Not twins- just general pregnacy comments from strangers/work colleagues. “Now I know why you weren’t watching your weight.” “You’re quite big considering…” “You’ve gone on maternity leave early.” delightful comments…


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